7 Ways Nature Can Rock Your Well-Being!

7 Ways Nature Can Rock Your Well-Being!

How often do you get a chance to get out and enjoy nature? How intentional are you in including the outdoors in your routine?  I have discovered that nature is a vital part of my healing process for my depression and great for my well-being.  I am drawn to the beauty...

Grow Your Mindset

I have discovered something lately.  I am fighting a fixed mindset! I have been told how smart and talented I was.  When I came up against something difficult, therefore, I thought of myself as dumb. Through my growing up years, things had been easy and I had not...

What’s in Your Calendar?

I don’t know about you, but I am calendar challenged! My paper calendar, when I try to keep up with it, is scribbled in, scratched out, and messy.  My electronic calendar is not much better except that I can delete at will.  In both calendars, I use colors to show my...

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