Seeking a New Vision

I had left my teaching career, abeit earlier than I had planned and jumped into a related career in the state education department.  The learning curve there was steep and I had to pick up my own health insurance.  I wondered what God had in store for this late 50ish year old woman, who felt like everything was changing professionally as well as personally.  My children were moving out, and back in! My profession was influx and I felt disconnected from the Nancy I once knew.  Depression and anxiety became my friend.

Journey of Possibilities

In my professional and personal journey, I began to seek God and pull the parts of my life together. I have created space in my life to uncover my needs in the spiritual, thinking, emotional, physical and social parts of me. In doing so I have gained health, discovered possibilities and found hope.  I found that dreaming, visioning, and making healthy choices made a huge difference in my life.

For you and I on a coaching journey together; I would help you:

  •  assess and gain clarity   
    • Where you are in your journey?     -I use various assessment tools for you to reflect on:
    • circumstances, worldview-beliefs, values, passions, personality, strengths, spiritual gifts
  • discover your hopes, dreams, desires and longings-
    • Where do you want to go?
  • determine goals and action steps to move you forward
    • How will you get there? We design 12-week plans that you can implement.
  • encourage your discernment as to obstacles –
    • What gets in the way?  We work on these together.
  • explore support networks to aid in your success
    • Who will be your connectors?

As a connections coach, I create safe spaces for you to:

  • Discover your desires and longings by listening to God
  • Act on your desires and longings to change the disconnects in your life
  • Find hope in the midst of a hurried life
  • Clear out the natural “gunk” that arises in your life and look at what past pains you can give to God
  • Explore what a new vision can bring to your day-to-day living as you set intentions
  • Find ways to connect you with the support you need to make your dreams a reality and move forward

I would find it a privilege accompany you on the journey to envision the reality God has placed on your heart.  You can find more of your true self, turning worry into a vision of a hopeful future.

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I cannot wait to meet and join your journey !  Life can be a hopeful adventure.

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