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Behind the Scenes at Nancy Booth Coaching

Behind the Scenes at Nancy Booth Coaching

There are some changes taking place at Nancy Booth Coaching that I hope will be of benefit to you and your well-being. I want to be sure I am writing blogs that meet your needs as you fight overwhelm in your life and look to get healthier and more hopeful.

First, since we have been talking about vision boards, I thought  it would be fun to share my vision board in my move towards supporting women and my personal vision of no sugar!!  As you see in the above vision board, I am focused on vision, inspiration, turning darkness into light, joy, connecting with my family and peace among other things.

For me, I want to create safe spaces, such as retreats, for you as a professional woman who is feeling overwhelmed in your life and to change those overwhelmed feelings and disconnectedness.  Problems shared are problems cut in half.

I, then, want to provide a variety of opportunities for us to explore possibilities that lessen your overwhelm and worry load.  I envision us working together to discover action steps and habits that make your life more healthy and hopeful.  Finally, in finding hope, I think you’ll see a noticeable difference in your well-being.  I certainly have over the past two years.

What is overwhelming you right now?  Too much to do in too short a time?  Not enough energy and feeling tired all the time?  Feeling the world is out to get you?  Thinking your home, work, life is so disorganized there’s no end in sight?  Beating yourself up for the umpteenth time for not doing x,y,z?

I used to live in a continual overwhelmed state.  I am currently healthier than I have been in the last two years. A lot of that has to do with learning self-care, exploring brain-based wellness strategies and giving myself permission to care for myself.

Nancy’s Desk

However, some habits die hard.  My current overwhelm comes in the form of organization. Here is a picture from my office desk.  I still have so many ideas running through my head that I go from one pile to the next.  I am working towards systems that have me list my top three tasks for the next day.

So behind the scenes at Nancy Booth Coaching, I am working on research and topics that will hopefully support us in our quest to shed different types of overwhelm and live a more hopeful, joyful life, regardless of our circumstances.  With my background in brain-based coaching, and all the research going on in neuroscience, I am excited to look at how my writing, retreats, coaching and workshops may support you in brain-based wellness and hopeful living.

What about you? What are the causes of overwhelm in your life?  Over the next two weeks, I hope to be contacting you, my readers, for advice and feedback on several items including:

  • What your current overwhelm challenges are?
  • What areas of self-care and wellness are most challenging and of most interest to you?
  • What is your vision of well-being for the next few years?
  • What types of formats do you like information in, ie blog, newsletter, topical videos or e-books? Or additional learning – face to face workshops, online groups, e-courses at your leisure, coaching?

I will announce the results of my findings on March 9th with the roll-out of of my new emphasis on brain-based wellness and self-care to lessen the overwhelm in your life.

See you in two weeks!

Nancy Booth is a certified life coach and certified brain-based coach.  She loves creating safe spaces for women going through life’s transitions to discover and support their visions for health and well-being in an overwhelming world, explore possibilities for next steps and find hope.  She writes about taming the overwhelm through connecting to yourself and others, possibilities thinking, and brain-based strategies for hopeful living.  You can sign up to receive her weekly blog or contact her to find out ways you can begin to shed overwhelm, explore possibilities and find hope.


How Does Your Hope Garden Grow?

How Does Your Hope Garden Grow?

Finding ways to grow your hope can be like growing a garden. Hope can come in many different packages and grow in different ways.  The definition of hope includes:

  • a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen
  • a feeling of trust.
  • want something to happen or be the case.
  • intend if possible to do something.

All of these definitions could look like different flowers in a garden, depending on what you need at the present moment.  Are you desiring a change in your career or move into retirement?  Are you hoping that you can trust someone more?  Or are you hoping something about your life will be different – better health perhaps, but you’re not sure?

I have had coaching conversations lately with women who are on the verge of sprouting new hopeful ideas. They are moving into new ways of living.  We have discussed their initial hopes and dreams which feel like little sprouts, tender and green.

How do you go about planting your garden of hope?

Till the soil.

Sometimes before hope for a different life, or a different career or even a different day, you are in the dark.  You have to begin to dig the soil around you, break up the hard dirt and get it ready for the hopes and dreams to sprout.  Tilling may include examining your mindsets – what is causing you to be stuck or feel hopeless?  What do you need to do to get the right ingredients in the soil so that it’s ready to plant?  Sometimes it’s a question such as “How would I like my life to be different?”

Examine the seeds.

Begin to explore all the different seeds you might want to plant.  Research your possibilities for change.  What is the one thing, that if you did this thing, would start you moving forward to other positive changes in your life?  What do you want to be?  What do you want to do?  What do you want to have?  These are the vision questions to help you examine seeds of hope you can plant.   Is it a career change?  Is it a lifestyle change?  Is it the way you think about yourself on a daily basis?

Choose seeds to plant.

Start your hope garden by creating a vision board or a picture of what your garden could look like.  Then choose what seeds to plant.  For example, one client I am working with has decided to move forward with a career change.  That’s a large seed to plant.  However, as she nurtures and lets it grow slowly, she’s excited to see what kind of beautiful flower will grow from it.

Care for the seed and sprout tenderly.

The seed of hope is tender.  When any change is being explored, you have to keep weeds pulled, like “What am I thinking- I can’t do this?”  or “This is too hard, I don’t know what I’m doing.”  Or letting other people’s comments trample on the tender shoot “What do you mean you’re changing jobs?”

Ask for help in tending your hope garden.

Tending a garden can be a challenge. You are working, watching and waiting.  You can be pulling weeds, watering the hope and waiting for it to grow.  By watching for changes in hope, you feel the strength growing within yourself.  It’s okay to ask for a community of helpers to support you as you tend your garden.  They may like to walk in the hope garden with you and admire the growth.

I know the plans I have for you plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.  Jeremiah 29:11

Growing your hope garden takes time, energy, sunshine and patience.  The change that hope brings, even day to day will bloom for a lifetime.  I would love to help you find and tend your hope garden.  Let’s get those sprouts growing.


Nancy Booth is a certified life coach and certified brain-based coach.  She loves creating safe spaces for women going through life’s transitions to discover and support their visions for health and well-being in an overwhelming world, explore possibilities for next steps and find hope.  She writes about taming the overwhelm through connecting to yourself and others, possibilities thinking, and brain-based strategies for hopeful living.  You can sign up to receive her weekly blog or contact her to find out ways you can begin to shed overwhelm, explore possibilities and find hope.
Real Life Word of the Year Stories

Real Life Word of the Year Stories

In January, I wrote about the Word of the Year choosing me.  I wondered at the time how peace, the word that choose me would manifest itself in my life.  I am such an easily distractible woman, I could easily have forgotten what my word is by now. However, since my word chose me, it has seemed to stick around and come up in different ways.  I wondered if that was true in real life for others as well.

For me,  I realized I am feeling more peaceful and contented.  As I was going to church this past Sunday morning, the sun was rising and I was overwhelmed with the feelings of gratitude, peace and the realization of feeling healthy and whole.  Those emotions brought tears to my eyes.  Being fully present to notice God’s fingerprints in my life has has brought the feeling of peace on a more day to day basis.

I also recently returned from a quarterly retreat where I have been meeting with the same people over the past year and a half.  How encouraging for some to say to me, “You seem more peaceful.”  I am glad that the peace I am feeling on the inside is manifesting itself on the outside.

I know my marriage is showing it.  We are getting along so well right now.  He is more attentive, listening to me, and encouraging.  Think it has something to do with the way I am interacting with him?  Hmmm…..

I decided to gather some real life stories to see if they were noticing any differences in their lives, even in six weeks.  I have been encouraged by their stories.  It is so amazing to hear what happens when we get a vision and begin to get intentional about that vision.

For example, one coaching friend of mine told me her word chose her.  Her word is “purge”.  She said she certainly wouldn’t have chosen that word on her own. She wrote:

“The word I got (notice I don’t use the word chose) is Purge. I said I would take that word for January and then see what came next. Well, there’s still a ton of stuff to purge from my office, my basement, my house in general. I’m also finding that I need to purge some old thinking and old outdated perspectives. So, whether I like it or not, the word purge is here for a while. “

We laughed about God’s sense of humor and how He knows what we need and when we need it.

Another client of mine wanted a word of the year and was struggling to find it.  She toyed with the word, abundance, yet it didn’t seem to quite fit.  After a sermon at church one morning, it came to her – “light”.  –“You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.”  She wrote,

After much thought, prayer, and consideration, the word “lightAmanda's family 1came to me. In the past few weeks I’ve been shown and reminded so often of “light” now. It’s come to me in verse, in the form of actual “light” in the darkness, as awareness to something new, or as a bright, warm, positive moment, such as with my family. “

She has commented that even her colleagues at work are noticing her happier and lighter.

Finally, in a lunch conversation I was having with a fellow educator and mom, I asked her about her word, which was focus.  She said that word came to her as I was asking about the word of the year on a facebook post.  At first, she discounted that much had changed.  As we talked though, she realized that in the mornings, when out walking the dog, she focused on enjoying the present moment. She then came into the morning routine with her three boys in a much more focused state of mind.  She had to choosen not to project herself into the day ahead.

“Baby steps,” she said. “Their morning routine doesn’t change. I still have to remind them to get up. We still have to get out the door at a certain time. It is just how I approach them in my calm, focused state that changes.”

These are observations of four women after six weeks.  What will happen in six months?  I don’t know but I’m excited to find out how God will move and work.

It’s never too late to start your word.  Ask for what vision or intent is needed in your life.  Or allow me to come alongside you. We can start a conversation, first.  I would love to help you get intentional in discovering your vision, exploring possibilities and finding the hope for a better 2017.


Nancy Booth is a certified life coach and certified brain-based coach.  She loves creating safe spaces for women, especially educators going through life’s transitions to discover and support their visions for health and well-being in an overwhelming world, explore possibilities for next steps and find hope.  She writes about taming the overwhelm through connecting to yourself and others, possibilities thinking, and brain-based strategies for hopeful living.  You can sign up to receive her weekly blog or contact her to find out ways you can begin to shed overwhelm, explore possibilities and find hope.

Tips for Creating Safe Spaces in a Mother-Daughter Relationship

Tips for Creating Safe Spaces in a Mother-Daughter Relationship

Creating safe spaces for women to flourish is a personal value of mine.  I find that as a mom and grandmother, I am faced with the question, “How do I do that for my own family?”  As a mom, it is easy to get caught up in fixing, advising, and doing for your own children.  I find it doubly hard when it’s my daughter, even as an adult.

I recently had the opportunity to practice creating that flourishing space for my daughter as she shared with me a financial concern she was facing.  We had a brief conversation before she was off to work.  I found myself going into “mom” mode in my head.  Luckily she wasn’t around for me to sound off!

Throughout the day, I rehearsed different scenarios in my head about how she might solve the concern she was facing.  In my head, I let myself get involved in “drama”.  I was attempting to “fix” her concern, as her mom and make life all better.  Isn’t that what moms are supposed to do?

However, as a young adult, she needs no fixing.  When I saw her that evening, she didn’t even bring up her concern, much to my surprise.  I’d been chewing on it all day!  God gently reminded me that He had her covered. I didn’t have to “do” anything but keep praying.  She emailed me the next day with how she was addressing her concern.  “just wanted to update you, Mom”. I was very proud of the way she was moving forward, as a young adult needed to do.

In reflecting about that incident, I realized I had created a safe and flourishing space, luckily, with God’s help.  I was so grateful.  Thank goodness she had to work that day. God had prompted me to keep my mouth shut.  Also I could have saved myself a little drama in my head had I reflected sooner.  Perhaps some of these tips can work for you, too.

In reflection, I realized I was able to support her in the following ways:


That morning, she needed someone to listen and let her process her concerns and pain out loud.  She didn’t need anyone to “fix” it, or “do” anything.  I could just hold open a safe space for her.

Let Go-

I wasted a lot of energy that day on what was not mine.  I could have let go sooner and held her concern loosely for her.  I didn’t need to solve anything.


Stopping to pray sooner would have given me the clarity that God had her covered.  I got that message later, thank goodness!  I am slowly learning to pray quicker.  He is here now and in her future. 


By not giving too many suggestions (I gave a few, ha!) or rescuing her by giving her money, she was empowered to solve her own financial concern and move forward with it.

My role for my adult daughter is to love her, support her by listening and praying for her and show her care, not fix, rescue or do for her.  Slowly, slowly I am getting that message and we are strengthening our adult relationship.  I can then see problelms as opportunities for growth in our relationship, not wedges to drive us apart.  My prayer is that I can continue to create safe spaces for us to both grow.

What about you?  Where do you need to create safe spaces for relationships in your family?  Which of the above tips resonate with you?  As moms and grandmothers, we are the holders of space in our families and set a tone in our homes.  I would love to know how things are going in your home and how I might pray for you.  Contact me at or in the comments below and let me know how I can support you as a mom or grandmother.  Your own sanity and the health of your family can depend on the space you create in your home.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Nancy Booth is a certified life coach  and certified brain-based coach.  She loves creating safe spaces for women, especially educators going through life’s transitions to discover and support their visions for health and well-being in an overwhelming world, explore possibilities for next steps and find hope.  She writes about taming the overwhelm through  connecting to yourself and others, possibilities thinking, and brain-based strategies for hopeful living.  You can sign up to receive her weekly blog or contact her to find out ways you can begin to shed overwhelm, explore possibilities and find hope.

4 Steps to Start Combating Overwhelm

4 Steps to Start Combating Overwhelm

The month of January is almost over!  How is that battle on overwhelm going?  Did you make New Year’s Resolutions to fight it?   What were they?  Eat healthy?  Exercise daily?  Go to bed at a decent hour? Spend less time on Facebook? How is that working for you?

If you are like me, you set good intentions at the beginning of the month and now with 26 days in, those good intentions have evaporated or become overwhelmed with daily living.  How do you combat overwhelm without beating yourself over your failures?  The following 4-step process can lift overwhelm in a way that can improve your chances of a more balanced life approach.

The following steps help you focus on what you need to leave behind in your thinking and surroundings and what you need to take with you into your surroundings.    Notice what you want to leave behind and begin to shed the fear/flight response.  Replace that thinking and feeling  with more positive thoughts and feelings, like joy, peace, gratitude and become intentional about what you are taking with you as you move forward into the future.   These positive feelings in return build resiliency.

Step 1 – How can you get quiet in order to do some reflecting?

You will need to have some time to get yourself quiet.  I know that’s the first challenge. Start by noticing your breathing to help you get quiet. Is it shallow and rapid?  If so, can you take some deeper breaths and slow it down a little?  Just by noticing your breathing you can pause a moment and be refreshed.   Your brain thinks so much more clearly with more oxygen.

Step 2- What are you grateful for in your life right now?

If that is a hard question for you to answer right now because you’re feeling so overwhelmed, start with the basics, breathing or what you see around you.

Take a few minutes to reflect upon what is really working well in your life right now.  If someone asked you what you are grateful for and would want to celebrate, what would you tell them?

Notice what you are wearing.   Notice the colors and textures of what you are wearing.  How do they feel?  How do they look?  What about them can you be grateful?

Step 3   What mind chatter is going on that you need to leave behind?

How often do you really stop to listen what you are saying to yourself?  I was surprised when I was asked to keep a small journal of my thoughts.  I was sooo judgmental of others in my head.  I wasn’t saying it to others but I sure had a running dialogue going of how I thought others should be behaving and acting.  What an energy waster!

What is weighing you down?  What is it about your thinking or emotions, or physical surroundings that you want to leave behind and not continued to expend energy towards? Are you sitting in physical or mental clutter?  What can you do about that?  Are you cold?  Any changes you can make to your comfort level?  What is in your control to leave behind so your thinking and feeling can be more joyous and free?  Begin to note little things that you can leave behind and not pick up again.   It will take intentionality and practice!

Step 4   What thinking and feelings will you take with you?

Once you begin to see what you want to leave behind and shed of your overwhelm, you’ll be surprised at what you notice you want to take with you.  For example, when I realized I was being so judgmental, I began to take with me more grace and compassion for myself first of all, and then for others.  I took with me acceptance of reality and let go of expectations.  I truly believe taking acceptance of reality with me was a huge step in my recovery of anxiety.  “It is what it is.”

I am also taking with me a focus on the present moment.  My grandchildren are teaching me a lot about that.  They notice little details and delight in the smallest things.  I want to take with me a focus and joy about the moments in my life.  By doing so, I am actually changing my brain pathways and building joy responders.  Great reason to enjoy my grandchildren, right?


What about you?  How can you begin the practice of leave behind and take with?  I can’t wait to hear how you begin to explore possibilities and find more hope in coming out from under your overwhelm.



Nancy Booth is a certified life coach  and certified brain-based coach.  She loves creating safe spaces for women, especially educators going through life’s transitions to discover and support their visions for health and well-being in an overwhelming world, explore possibilities for next steps and find hope.  She writes about taming the overwhelm through  connecting to yourself and others, possibilities thinking, and brain-based strategies for hopeful living.  You can sign up to receive her weekly blog or contact her to find out ways you can begin to shed overwhelm, explore possibilities and find hope.


5 Questions To Connect Your Passions and Dreams

5 Questions To Connect Your Passions and Dreams

With all the talk about vision at the beginning of a new year, passion often comes up in conversations as the fuel to move vision and dreams forward.  Passion is defined as a “strong and barely controllable emotion.”

Where are you on the passion scale?  Do you swing from high to low, day to day?  Or feel like you prod along, wondering where you’ll get your next inspiration? Or are you in a spot that is mainly meaningful and at an even keel?

Many of the women I work with express feeling disconnected from the life they want to live.  They are too “worried”, “fearful”, or “rudder-less” and are looking for connections to themselves, to God and to others for meaningful support and life different than the one they are living.  In coaching, they have decided to invest in themselves to figure out the disconnects and move forward in connecting the dots of their lives.

How do you go about kindling passion and connections to the important intentions of your life?  Take this 5 question reflective self-inventory to discover more about your passions, connections and what they tell you about where you stand right now.

 1. Who is God to you?

How do you spend time getting to know Him and He know you?  Note 3 ways you spend time with Him.

In reflecting about God and your relationship with Him, you begin to note the relationship of your spiritual side.  For me, my healing and passion grew exponentially as I started spending more and more time in God’s word and hearing God speak to my heart.  I personally spend time with Him by reading the Word, praying, journaling, and outside in nature as well as with my friends worshiping at church.  How do you spend time with Him.

 2. What brings you joy and happiness?

Give yourself permission to spend time with a variety of options. Consider 5 ways you can focus on joy and happiness for your soul

This is an area to imagine and visualize.  How often to you pause in the day and notice what is bringing you joy and happiness?  How are you celebrating the little things in life?  I tend to plow on to the next things.  Norman Vincent Peale writes in his book, The Power of Positive Thinking, “Anyone who desires it, who will sit, and who learns and applies the right formula may become a happy person.”   And Paul, in his letter to the Romans, remind us, “Be transformed by the renewing of our minds.” Romans 12:2   

3. What do you value?

How does what you do each day reflect those values? Make a list of 5 values.

This is a big area of intentional living and passion fueling.  If you value creativity, yet have no outlet for your creativity, then you may be feeling disconnected.  If you value growth, yet are working in the same position you’ve had for years, then you may be feeling stuck.  Look at your values to see how many you get to live out each day.


4. What breaks your heart and stirs you to action?

How does what you’re doing make a difference to those around you? 

Passion and dreams are fueled usually by big pictures and a call to action.  What is burning in your heart that you feel is an injustice?  Or that you are always worrying about?  For example, I know someone who is worried about her children moving into the teenage years.  She wanted to create a home where it was the place to hang out.  She realized her current home was not big enough for that to happen.  So over the past two years, she and her husband have been house hunting.  Finally, this week, they have found the house that is big enough to be that neighborhood hangout she envisions.  Her daughter is going into high school and her son will soon be in middle school and it’s in the same neighborhood where they currently live.  The stirring to action doesn’t necessarily take place overnight.  This worry stirred her to action and will continue to fuel her passion for her family.

5. Who in your life matters most?

How are you spending time with them?

Distractibility also rates high on keeping us from our passions and dreams.  On the one hand, I may say that God, my family and friends are most important to me, but I have to ask myself honestly, if my calendar reflects that passion.  I can get so distracted by work that days go by without taking the time to enjoy others and I am suppose to be retired!!!!!

I realize that getting intentional about a date time with my husband, scheduling time with my adult children and grandchildren and starting my day with God are vital to my wellbeing.  I also need to reach out to friends who love and care about me and not wait for them.  How I get supported and connected to others is my responsibility, even when it requires a lot of effort on my part.  For me, it is a matter of feeding my soul connected to these supportive relationships.

What did these five questions reveal to you?

Notice that time is one of those common threads to evaluating connections and passions.  Where you decide to spend your time, there your heart is, intentionally or not. How intentional are you being with your choices?  As Lysa Terkherst writes in her book, The Best Yes,

The decisions you make determine the schedule you keep.  The schedule you keep determines the life you live.  And how you live your life determines how you spend your soul

May you decide what fuels your passion and what next steps you want to take to intentionally connect with the life you want to live.

Nancy Booth is a certified life coach, certified brain-based coach and spiritual guide.  She loves creating safe spaces for women going through life’s transitions to discover their God-given visions, explore possibilities for next steps and find hope.  She writes about connections with God, self and others, possibilities thinking, prayer and strategies for hopeful living.  You can sign up to receive her weekly blog or contact her to find out ways you can begin to shed worries, explore possibilities and find hope.

Vision – Throw Your Heart Out There

Vision – Throw Your Heart Out There

When was the last time you got intentional with a vision about what you wanted out of your life?  New Year’s Resolution?  After a transition? After something painful had occurred in your life?  Living with a vision is challenging for me, because I’m so easily distracted by ideas or family or even what is going on in the world.  I say yes to things I wish I hadn’t said yes to and wonder about why I say no to other things.  That’s why I’m so excited about creating space for myself and other women to explore the power of vision. It’s time to get intentional about what is possible in our lives.  How do you harness the power of a vision?

Create a visual representation of your vision

By taking the time to dream and get real about your vision, you can create a visual representation on what you believe would be best for you, your family, your work, your life.  By this belief and faith in God, you put in motion expectations of what could be possible.  It doesn’t mean you’ll get everything you desire.  However it puts your brain and heart on alert for possibilities.

Commit to praying over your vision

As you pray over this vision, God promises  

Your ears will hear sweet words behind you: “Go this way. There is your path; this is how you should go” whenever you must decide whether to turn to the right or the left.  Isaiah 30: 21.

I am so grateful to have that small voice whispering in my ear as I move forward.

Remember to share your vision slowly and wisely

Sometimes, vision takes a while to develop, like a tender shoot coming out of the ground.  Choose wisely how and when you will share your vision and with whom.  You want the support of community, yet you don’t want to have to defend your God-given vision.  Pray about who will be on your vision team and how and when to share it.  Waiting can be part of the development.

Keep visualizing the future you want

What does your vision look like, feel like, sound like?  This is based on brain science and used often in sports training.

According to scientific studies, when you visualize an action, you stimulate the same brain regions as when you actually perform that action.  What brain regions do you need to stimulate?

Visualization has also been shown to improve high jumpers clearing the bar!  That’s how we can put our hearts over the bar first.  Lead with your heart and brain.

Let your vision set your boundaries for daily living

As you get clear on your vision, you will then know what to say yes to in your days and weeks to come.  You gain clarity on how to live your life.  More importantly, vision lets you feel comfortable with what to say no to as well.  It frees you from guilt, overbooked calendars (almost) and frenzied living.

With these five steps in mind, you’ll begin to see your vision unfold.  Watch for where God is at work in your vision and join Him.  I would love to have you join us for our vision board workshop on January 21st.  Contact me at for more information.  I still have a couple of spaces left.  Last day to register is January 17. However, I would also love to hear how your vision is unfolding and how you’re letting your heart lead.  Post in the comments below or on my Nancy Booth Coaching facebook page.  Let’s harness the power of vision together.

Author’s note: Check out the podcast at Professional Christian Coaching Today “Crafting a Vision Statement” for more great ideas.  Also check “The Complete Guide to Vision Boards.” Thanks to Christine Kane, Christopher McCluskey and Kim Avery for their ideas used in this article. 



9 Ways to Move Dreams Forward for 2017

9 Ways to Move Dreams Forward for 2017


I think lists can be helpful tools for moving dreams forward, especially as we move into 2017.   Open-ended questions can help, yet I think lists help the reflection process as well.  Hope this list below gets your dreams going and turning into reality for 2017.

  • Review 2016. 

What did you learn from it? Take your best lessons into 2017 and leave the rest behind.  Ask for the godly wisdom you need to sort between what was helpful and what needs to stay in 2016.

  • Believe  2017 can be different than 2016.

Ask yourself, “What mindset may be keeping me from moving forward in 2017?” Listen for the little voice inside of you.  “You can’t do that, it’s not perfect.”  “You don’t have time to make a change.”  “You don’t have enough money.”  Your brain actually likes to sabotage you into thinking you can’t.  Be like the Little Engine that Could.  “I think I can, I think I can” by recognizing the messages you are sending yourself.

  • Start dreaming with a vision board.

A vision board is your opportunity to listen to your heart.  You physically begin to pick pictures that reflect the desires and longings of your heart and mount them on a board to see daily. I do vision board workshops that lead you in the process.  Once you begin visualizing, your brain helps you see more opportunities, much like once you buy a particular type of car, you see that car on the road.

  • Set one goal in 3 areas of your life.

What are you feeling strongest about from your vision board or your pondering –work, physical self care, family and/or friends (social), spiritual or emotional? Which goals will help you feed your soul?  Choose three areas of your life that will help you feel most grounded.

  • Design a measurable, motivating action step for each goal.

What action will you actually put into place that moves you closer to you goal for the next 90 days?  What will help make it motivating?

  • Determine how you will measure those action steps.

How will you track your progress? Measure at the end of the month how you did. If you are having a challenge with an action step, take a look back to see what is interfering.  Is it a mindset issue?  Was it too much to do?  Celebrate the progress you did make.  Baby steps!

  • Attach your action step to a habit you are already doing.

For example, if you brush your teeth at night and want to add laying out your clothes in the evening because you would be less stressed in the morning, then do so when you brush your teeth.  At work, if you want to plan your ideal week, then attach it to your Monday morning planning before anything else occurs.  According to research by James Clear, by tying the new habit to something that is already occurring, you up the odds of the new action being accomplished.

  • Review at the end of 90 days.

See if the goals you wanted to achieve actually occurred. How did you do?  Did this move you closer to you dream for 2017?  If so, celebrate.  If not, then reflect on what you want to do differently for the next 90 days.  The helpful part of a 90 day cycle is there is a start to get you excited, time to accomplish something and a deadline at the end of 90 days to push you forward.

  • Reflect on this process.

What is working for you?  What is making a difference for your dream, desires and longings?  How are you feeling about your progress?

What obstacles are getting in your way?  Could time to create a vision board be helpful? If so, join the Discover Your Dreams Vision Board Workshop on January 21st.  If that date doesn’t work, yet you’re still interested, shoot Nancy an email to get on the next session list.  Or perhaps discussing your year with a coach to gain clarity could be helpful.  Clarity inside your own head is often hard to come by!   Or joining a small facilitated goal setting group might be encouraging?  If so, contact to see what resources can best fit your needs.  Make 2017 the best year yet!





What’s Your Word of Vision for 2017?

What’s Your Word of Vision for 2017?

For the last several years, I have chosen a word of the year.  I have thought about one word that would inspire, encourage and motivate to serve and love better.  A word that captures and focuses my vision!

This year, the end of the year seemed to sneak up on me. I hadn’t been pondering or thinking about it much until last week. Suddenly, I realized there are only two more weeks in this year!  I have been working on my business, in my business, around my business, under my business and above my business.  Whew!  I noticed how tired I was.  I gave myself permission to take off week before Christmas. I was determined not to think about my coaching business.  I felt like I had been gnawing it to death and it needed rest like I did.

Of course, God in His wisdom, knew I was the one who needed rest.  As I began pondering my word for the year, I wondered if rest was going to be my word.  I didn’t want it to be my word.  I have been dreaming about “Oh the Places You’ll Go” as Dr Seuss says and “Today is your day!’.   I wanted BIG dreams for encouraging, inspiring and supporting women to find hope in 2017.

What did I need?

I knew I needed rest, yet rest wasn’t quite the right vision fit.  The world’s news, like in Alepo, stirred my heart.  The national news stirred my heart.  My family’s news stirred my heart.  All of these things outside of me and outside of my control tended to induce fear, worry and anxiety. Those weren’t my words for the year!  What word vision did He have in mind?

Where did I find my nudge?

My devotional reading though, in John 16, caught my attention. Jesus was talking to His disciples in the Upper Room, just before His crucifixion. He said,

33 I have told you these things so that you will be whole and at peace. In this world, you will be plagued with times of trouble, but you need not fear; I have triumphed over this corrupt world order.

Whole and at peace.  Ahhh.  That’s my heart’s desire- peace.  That inner quality that only God can provide when my focus is on Him.  It comes when I take time in solitude. Or when I am quietly praying and listening for His voice. I experience peace when I give my worries to Him and ask Him for direction, even when being plagued with times of trouble.

Then for the sermon on Sunday, our pastor’s message noted the angels’ message to the shepherds- “Peace on earth, good will to men.”  That’s what the birth of Jesus brought.  He’s the Prince of Peace, according to Isaiah 9:6.  Not from the ceasing of wars and famines and family strife, but knowing that wherever I am, He is there, too.  He didn’t escape trouble, He overcame it.  Therefore, I can, too.

What am I looking forward to with the word that has chosen me?

I am looking forward to this coming year to see how God wants me to experience peace.  Peace in my soul.  Peace in my body, releasing the tension I hold in.  Peace through praying and giving Him my anxieties.  I will be asking Him to show me what is robbing me of peace.

Be on the lookout for what word God in store for you for the new year.  What word keeps popping up in your mind and heart?  What word will choose you for 2017?  I would love to hear about that special word and how God brought it to your attention.  Post in the comments below or on NancyBoothCoaching facebook page.

Also for the new year, the January 21st, “Create Your Dreams Vision Board Workshop registration is open.  Contact me for more information!  Let 2017 begin with a word of vision chosen especially for you!


3 Ways to Handle Christmas Anticipation

3 Ways to Handle Christmas Anticipation

One of the biggest holidays of the year is almost here.  Is your to-do list almost your done list? What are you anticipating in the next few days?  Family? Flurry? Stress? Joy? Sadness? Anxiety? How are you handling the “It’s almost here”?  How does anticipation effect you?

The definition of anticipation is the action of anticipating something, an expectation or prediction.  You are looking forward with expectancy, excitement or even suspense.  Depending on your prior experience with the Christmas season, you may be experiencing all these emotions.  Or if this is a Christmas season of transition, you are in anticipation of not knowing and that brings suspense and anxiety.

As you look at the next few days before Christmas and find yourself disconnected from the season or in a state of overwhelm or even joyously anticipating the day, consider the following three ways you might handle the anticipation of Christmas and all your emotions associated with the next few days.

Create Some Space

cup20161222_044603Even though you feel like you may be running around like a chicken with her head cut off, or your space is unbearably quiet, create some safe space for yourself where you can be still.  What is your heart’s anticipation? What are your emotions?  How does God see the upcoming few days?  Take a cup of your favorite beverage, sit quietly and breathe.  I find when I sit at the feet of Jesus and ask Him how He sees what I am facing, I get insights into my emotions.  I want to go into my Christmas with open hands and open heart, anticipating that He will guide me, not my emotions.  I don’t want to miss anything He has for me.

Explore the Possibilities

This year is a transitional year for us, as we will be celebrating with most of the family after Christmas Day.  My daughter and her son will be here part of the day, but my husband and I may be by ourselves for part of Christmas Day.  That looks very different than years past.  What that could look like for my husband and I?  Go to a movie?  Eat out for supper?  Invite other friends over?  I haven’t decided yet as I am still exploring possibilities.  I am anticipating what my own needs may be for that day – rest, family fun, church, since it is a Sunday.  How does what I want play into others’ expectations of a traditional Christmas meal?

What about you?  What possibilities and choices do you have coming up?  If family are far away, what friends can be family that day?  If this is the first Christmas after losing a loved one, how can you change things up?  If the holiday is usually stressful, what choices do you have to alleviate some of the stress?  Stand back and look at your life as if you were looking at it from a distance.  What advice would you give yourself?

Find Hope

I pray that God, the source of all hope, will infuse your lives with an abundance of joy and peace in the midst of your faith so that your hope will overflow through the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13 The Voice

navtivity20161222_044249-1So in this Christmas season, where do you find hope?  My prayer is that you are looking to God for your hope, in the midst of whatever you are facing.  As the angel told Mary before the birth of Jesus, “So the impossible is possible with God”. Luke 1:37

What impossible are you anticipating for the Christmas?  Give it to God and see what happens.  I will be praying for my readers and would love to pray for your specifically.  You can send me a private message on my facebook page NancyBooth Coaching if you would like me praying for you.  He loves you and wants to join in your anticipation of Christmas for the impossible.

Merry Christmas!

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