May 2014: What Is Focused Attention?

Focused attention is the ability to train your brain to think about one thing at a time and be fully present in the moment.  It is your ability to fully focus on someone or something else, to be compassionate and kind, to experience the novelty of the moment and finally, to be completely refreshed by what you are noticing, such as a gorgeous sunset.  It’s the opportunity to turn off the negative chatter and racing thoughts that are going through your head and enjoy that moment. Read more how it can benefit you.

April 2014: Forgiveness, Freedom Or Chains?

What is it about that word, forgiveness, that gets me in a bundle? I know that I need to do it. I know I want it from others, especially when I have done something wrong. I know I need to forgive myself when I do something I wish I hadn’t. However, forgive someone else? Wow, what a challenge! I feel chained to myself and my emotions. Read more to find out how forgiveness brings you health.

March 2014: What is change?

Change has always been a part of our lives- as an infant, from crawling to toddling, then off on a run. As we age, we are challenged to make changes in our health, our work, our thinking and our environment. In our society, we operate within systems, “any structure that exhibits order and pattern”, such as family systems, work systems, and health systems. Each day brings a challenge to embrace change or resist it, as we are called to change, sometimes at warp speed! Read how you can embrace change.

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