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Rewire Your Brain! Break a Habit!

By now, I hope you are recognizing the mind chatter going on in your head. What are you saying to yourself?  Is it judging or is it in a learning framework? For me, when I am taking a risk or in an unfamiliar situation, I am surprised how quickly those thoughts of,...

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How Noisy is Your “Mind Chatter”?

When you stop to listen to the chatter running through your mind, how noisy is it?  “I have so much on my to do list, I don’t know …..  I am too busy.  Why can’t I get things done? I can’t do anything …… “ How distracting and draining is it? If you recognize any of...

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3 Ways to Focus On Your Summer Goals

“Stay focused, go after your dreams and keep moving toward your goals.” LL Cool J  How focused are you on your dreams in the summertime?  Are those goals clear in front of you or are you highly distracted by all the other things you hope to pack into the summer,...

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