Working two careers gets hectic at times so I’m often on the lookout for stress reduction strategies.  I have found that laughter and pets bring stress reduction and my office companion, Wilhemina,  makes me laugh and has me focus on enjoying the moment.

Three days a week, I work my own coaching business.  My business, located upstairs in my home, encourages and coaches educators to discover self-care strategies for reducing stress in their lives.  Three days a week, I am an educational consultant, supporting educators in literacy practices and coaching them in collaboration.

Wilhemina, or Willie as we affectionately call her, has become a regular visitor to my desk.  As you can see, she makes herself right at home in the middle of my desk while I am working at my computer.  She comes and goes as she pleases, as cats are known to do.  But when I sit down to work at my desk, or take a conference call, she tends to be right in the middle of things!

Willie came to us via my daughter Elizabeth. When Elizabeth left home, Willie stayed.  She’s made herself quite at home here.  She likes to sleep on the couch I have in my office or perch herself on the “cat condo” we made for her by the window so she can look out on the world.  She’s such a funny cat that I am often laughing right out loud at her antics.  Laughter is such good stress relief!

One day, as I was sitting back away from my desk, reading something, she climbed from the desk, onto my lap.  Now, mind you, I had my legs crossed, a book on my lap and I wasn’t paying much attention to her.  She was bound and determined to get some attention!

Other times as I am typing at my computer, she’ll sit in the tiny space between my computer and the desk or walk between the lowered keyboard and computer.  When she decides she wants attention, she lets me know it.

The great thing about Willie though, is that she reminds me not take myself too seriously, gives me a brain break, helps me to enjoy the moment and brings me laughter, which lowers my stress level.  Each morning she’s up in my office to greet me, join me for morning devotions, sit on the back of the couch to groom my hair, then run off and disappear for awhile.

What a great thing to have a cat!  I will keep you posted on Willie’s antics from time to time.  She brings laughter, a sense of calm and peace to my life for which I am grateful. Of course, she brings fur, hair balls and kitty litter, too.  However, I never knew I could be so blessed by one of God’s little creatures.Nancy Booth is a certified life coach and certified brain-based coach.  She loves creating safe spaces for women going through life’s transitions to discover and support their visions for health and well-being in an overwhelming world, explore possibilities for next steps and find hope.  She writes about taming the overwhelm and reducing stress, looking for ways to motivate, energize and inspire you!  You can sign up to receive her weekly blog or contact her to find out ways you can begin to shed overwhelm and stress.  It’s time to explore possibilities of new relationships, better life pacing and gain hope and peace.

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