It’s August and many of you are either getting ready to start back to school, have been to your classrooms or are in resistance mode.   Where are you as the race to start school approaches?

I, too, have a school-related part-time job that supports educators so I was back in the swing last week.  As an educational consultant and coach,  I encourage educators to have goals and plans in the area of literacy so that they and their students do well.

As that first day back to work approached, I could feel my anxiety rising.  I realized I didn’t want to start back on that note.  I thought you might find some of my tips for beginning the race helpful.

1) Clear the clutter

All summer I had meant to get my home office in order and my craft area organized.  There’s nothing like a deadline to get me moving.  I got a two-drawer filing cabinet moved closer to my desk, my closet cleaned out and a new-to-me bin organizer for my craft area.  The only costs were the bin organizer that I found at a second hand store.  It was so freeing to get things picked up, put away and in a place where I can find them now.  I told my husband I was “nesting”.  The funny part about it was it took maybe, two days, but I had used probably two months of mental energy.,  Give yourself permission to free yourself from whatever mental and physical clutter is bugging you.  Ahhhh!

2) Take time for yourself

I went away by myself for two days to actually clear the clutter in my head.  I had solitude time, unplugging from the internet and time to determine what really mattered to me.  I just needed time to think as I looked out on this next year.  I am still musing but it certainly gave me some freedom as well.  It wasn’t expensive either.  You can still find a nice hotel room for $45 a night:-)  What was most important was it gave me space.

3) Listen to your heart 

That time away gave me time to discern what is important to me. I know my work matters to God and to me and to others.  I know I need time each day to pray,  I realized I am to love and encourage educators.  And I am to be grateful.

With those three tips, I was ready to go back to work with a grateful attitude.  What about you?  Are you ready?  What will it take for you to be ready to run your race?

Be sure to leave your tips in the comments section below.  We would all like tips to be ready to run the important race of being an educator.  Let’s encourage each other!

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Nancy Booth is a certified life coach and certified brain-based coach.  She loves creating safe spaces for women going through life’s transitions to discover and support their visions for health and well-being in an overwhelming world, explore possibilities for next steps and find hope.  She writes about taming the overwhelm and reducing stress, looking for ways to motivate, energize and inspire you!  You can sign up to receive her weekly blog or contact her to find out ways you can begin to shed overwhelm and stress.  It’s time to explore possibilities of new relationships, better life pacing and gain hope and peace.

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