“A vision is a clear and compelling picture of something we want to have exist in the future.  It is a target we intend to reach.  It encourages people to think beyond what is and visualize what can be or will be. ”               Gary R.Collins, Christian Coaching. 

I believe having a vision for your life is one of the most essential keys to living a hopeful, healthy and whole life.  I have been surprised myself how much difference actually setting my intentions down and putting my vision into words and pictures has moved me forward faster.  It has helped me notice when I am on track and let me say yes to what fits in my vision and be more forceful at saying no.  I am healthier now than I have been in twenty years!

Creating a vision can set your intentions, bring clarity to your life and move life forward to that hopeful future you envision.  My intent in writing blogs for you is to provide encouragement, inspiration and tools for you to explore your vision. I want you to discover the importance of vision, and shed the stress and gunk in your life as you sift and sort idea, imagine possibilities and begin to dream and hope again.

Often during life’s transitions, such as empty nesting or retirement, it’s easy to lose sight of a hopeful future.  I had to have a coach to help me begin again to dream and envision what could be in my life.  She’s the one who asked me, “If you had a million dollars right now, could you start your dream?”  At that particular time, the answer was no, because my health was in shambles.  I was depressed, in chronic pain and knew that I had to get the inside Nancy to match the outside Nancy.  So my first vision became self-care, which is one reason you read content blogs on well-being.  Getting healthy and whole has been the basis for me being able to cast my vision.  Well-being is the catalyst for moving yourself forward.

The cool part of having and making a vision board is how it helps your brain make connections, much like an athlete in training makes connections.  They visualize themselves successfully winning their Olympic games as part of their training and this helps hard-wire their brains for their reaction times and the things they notice.

Paul writes in Philippians 3: 12 I’m not there yet, nor have I become perfect; but I am charging on to gain anything and everything the Anointed One, Jesus, has in store for me—and nothing will stand in my way because He has grabbed me and won’t let me go13 Brothers and sisters, as I said, I know I have not arrived; but there’s one thing I am doing: I’m leaving my old life behind, putting everything on the line for this mission. The Voice.

So as a possibilities life coach, I believe you can find your vision, set your intentions and move towards your hopeful future. Having a coach for accountability, asking questions and providing support makes that happen faster.

5 ways vision brings clarity* to your life include:


– With a clear vision come strong emotions.  Passion is the fuel that helps you get in touch with your vision.


–  With clear intentions, you get motivated.  You move into action.


– Your vision becomes your decision-making tool.  You know what to say yes to and what to say no to and where to spend your time.


– With vision, you see your “why” – the reason you get up each morning – the “big picture.”


– Vision helps you focus on the moment, knowing you are doing, what you need to be doing and enjoying in the here and now.

Any time is a good time to explore your vision, and it’s especially good during a change in your life. Vision boards are a way to pull these clarity points together with pictures and words into something you can look at on a regular basis. We can do vision boards together individually or in a group setting at retreats that occur quarterly if you’d like to enjoy the connections of a group.  Women have said they have been amazed at what they discover as they go through the process.  From my vision board in January, I have been more intentional in my relationships with my family, my backyard is becoming more landscaped, I am giving up sugar and I am working on my writing again- all intentions that were on my board

I can’t wait to hear about your vision and the tugs of your heart!  You can begin to dream again and listen to the whisperings of your heart.

*Thanks to Christine Kane for her excellent training Vision Board Pro and her ideas on what you discover from vision boards.  For additional information, The Complete Guide To Vision Boards: The Ultimate Starter Kit.

Nancy Booth is a certified life coach and certified brain-based coach.  She loves creating safe spaces for women going through life’s transitions to discover and support their visions for health and well-being in an overwhelming world, explore possibilities for next steps and find hope.  She writes about taming the overwhelm. looking for ways to motivate, energize and inspire you to find that new vision!  You can sign up to receive her weekly blog or contact her to find out ways you can begin to shed overwhelm.  It’s time to explore possibilities of a new vision to include stronger relationships, better life pacing and gain hope and peace.



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