How often do you see the fingerprints of God in your life? How do you know they are there? Sometimes things happen that are unmistakably His fingerprints and you shake your head in wonder.

What does it mean to spot the fingerprints of God?

For me, anything that happens unexpectedly or that I get that certainty in my being of being overwhelmed with His presence or with gratitude is a fingerprint of God..

For example, I recently was praying specifically for a job opportunity in the area of spiritual direction, which means I could accompany women who are seeking God more in their every day lives.

Spiritual direction is a type of pastoral care for men and women. I get to create safe space for people to see and hear God more closely.

Where have you found safe space to see and hear God more closely?

I had looked at several different positions where I thought spiritual direction could be appropriate. However, I didn’t know what might be specifically available. God knew our needs financially.

I asked God to specifically call me to one particular global mission ministry group if that was where I was to be. I knew the director of operations in that ministry group but I didn’t tell him of my prayer.

God directed him to ask me to be part of their global missions operations team to do pastoral care for their planning team and it’s was a paid job position!

I can’t tell you how grateful and humbled I am and how I see God’s fingerprints all over this position, “for such a time as this.” I didn’t have to “make” or strive for this opportunity to happen.

God took care of the details as He wants to do for you.

The director also told me he had been praying for me to feel “called” to the position. How humbling to have someone praying for me.

Who might be praying for you at this very moment, unbeknownst to you?

Smaller fingerprints happen during the days, too, like when my friend reminds me that my sharing of miracles in my life is because God wants me to share what He has been doing in my life for His glory. How those comments resonate in my soul!

Or when my granddaughters both sit on my lap while we’re doing crafts and tell me how much they love me.

God whispered, “I love you even more than this.”

The Take Away

How can you become more sensitive to the fingerprints of God in your life? As my story demonstrates, you can keep these things in mind:

Create safe spaces on your own or with a spiritual director

Let God know of your heart’s desires

Be watching for when He answers your prayers

Let Him love you through the people He sends into your life

I would love to come alongside you as you seek more of God’s fingerprints in your life. He calls you His Beloved and wants you to experience His grace and His love.

This was first published on Faith Hacker.

Nancy Booth is a life coach and spiritual director who loves God and wants you to see more of His fingerprints in your life. Check out My Sacred Moments site for more ways that you can see His fingerprints in your daily living and get 10 Ways to Find Sacred Moments. 

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