Can you believe it’s already July?  Most of us in the US just finished celebrating the fourth of July, which to me signals we’re mid-way through summer.  How is your fun meter functioning?  On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate things so far?

I feel like June disappeared and I don’t want July and August to disappear without being more mindful of my fun intentions I set up in June.  Fun increases our “feel good” chemicals in our body and is actually a stress reducer.

 So what do you need to be, do and have in order to increase your fun for the remainder of the summer?

The following steps may be helpful in your discovery process.

What is fun for you?

Oddly enough, this is a hard question for me.  I love writing, learning and caring for others.  Thinking about what is fun for me is a more challenging question.

Starting with three columns on a piece of paper, label the columns do, have and be.  What would be fun to do with the remainder of summer?  Then in the next column, list what would be fun to have.  Finally in the last column list what you would like to be.  The columns may or may not be related:


Do Have Be
Visit the zoo Time with extended family Happy
Take a trip to my hometown in IN $ for the trip to IN Safe in traveling
Attend local corn festival Lots of energy Healthy

By making lists like this on paper, you begin to visualize what is really important.  One column might have 10 items and another column might have 3.  Begin to see how they are interrelated and how your heart is speaking to you about what is fun to you.

Who else might be involved in your fun?

As you can see from the above chart, some of the do, have and be are related to each other.  However, what’s most important is I am aware of who I need to begin to make plans with.  My adult children and grandchildren lead busy lives so I need to get on their calendars now if we are going to be doing something together with two extended families and my own.

Who else might you ask to be involved in your fun?  A family member, a friend, a member of your church, someone at your work?  Many times, people are looking for an invitation to have fun.

How might you plan your fun?

Summer time usually has lots of extra activities going on.  Getting things on your calendar makes it more likely that what you are envisioning will actually happen.  What extra activities sound fun to you?  A fair? A festival?  An art exhibit?  Based on your do, have, be list, you will get several clues.  If you want more doing kinds of activities, a library or chamber of commerce has listings of what may be going on in various communities.

For example, my brother and I are headed to our home town for his 60th birthday.  It’s already on our calendars.  We have made it a priority and are setting aside funds so we can enjoy it.  We will enjoy travelling down memory lane as we mark his milestone birthday together.

The Take Away

What will move you into action now to increase your fun for the summer?  Will you make your own do, have, be list?  What obstacles do you have to overcome?

What about investigating and inviting others to join you in the fun?

And before the summer evaporates, choose the dates, times and places.  You can increase your fun this summer.

I look forward to hearing exactly how you do it.  Please comment below and give us all ideas on what you will be doing, having and being to increase your summer fun!

Nancy Booth helps you discard chaos and get unstuck as you journey towards a well-nourished life. She helps you embrace wellness, purpose and intentional relationships in your life. Her coaching process helps you design your own personal roadmap to help you build a healthy, purposeful and peaceful mind, body and soul. She would love to walk your journey with you, the life you’ve always wanted.



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