This summer I took some time to enjoy the road to the well-nourished life.  I  rested, re-established my purpose in serving and reconnected with God and others so I could enjoy the road to a well-nourished life.

What about you?  How has your summer gone?  How intentional were you?  When you look back, can you say you reconnected with God and others? Had fun and rest?  Are clear about your purpose coming into the fall season?

As we travel through our lives, we often experience times of nourishment. I hope that has been true for you.

We also experience a variety of potholes, detours and even roads closed.  When looking for the road that leads to the well-nourished life, each of us looks at a different map.

Your map may look very different than mine.  Your starting location is different, where you want to go may be different as well as the sights you want to see along the way.

However, when you travel, you often read about the best sights to see, what recommendations others make about places they’ve stayed, and get a feel for where you might like to travel.

You may also look to a travel guide to help you plan your trip.  That travel guide may have been to the place you are going, have experiences similar to what you want or provide you information that will help you make your journey more enjoyable.

Travel Guide

I want to be your travel guide on the next steps of your journey, moving towards your Well-Nourished Life.  This summer I learned even more about a well-nourished life, through I-Enneagram certification, a spiritual/psychological tool that aids in the transformation of God’s people.  I’m excited to share it with you.

My Road to Your Well-Nourished blog is your travel commentary.  It’s filled with examples, tips and inspiration to support you on your road to your Well-Nourished life.  We travel the road together to hear God’s desires for you.

As a life coach, spiritual director and now certified I-Enneagram instructor, I have maps, travel guides, and a variety of ways to help you navigate your life ahead so that you may discover God’s desires for you in a chaotic world, especially if your summer didn’t go the way you had hoped.

Emotional Potholes

Do you find yourself in a deep hole of emotions sometimes, wondering where did that come from?  I know I have.  Together, we’ll be exploring more of our Center of Emotions, our EQ, on our journey together.  Emotions can be our friend – like love, joy, and gladness.  They can also become our stumbling block – like anxiety, fear and sadness.

Becoming aware of our emotions and what triggers them is part of the journey.  Together let’s explore what it takes to keep ourselves in harmony.  What is it you would like to have in your emotional arena?  What pothole would you like to be avoiding?

Mindset Detours

Detours for us to explore together will be around the areas of traveling down the road one way and suddenly finding ourselves having to go another.  I am certain many of you have experienced those detours.  The key to navigating those detours is how our minds react to them.  We’ll be looking at our mindsets and that center of intelligence or IQ.

Dr. Caroline Leaf, a brain coach expert, wrote recently about reconstruction.  We can learn to reconstruct how we approach the detours in our lives.  How do you approach a detour, such as a sudden job change, a parent getting sick that will need your care, or even little detours like having to stay home with a sick child for a day?  It’s about looking at the opportunity side of the change, instead of the loss.

Exploring Roads Closed

Your journey of life runs up on roads closed, too.  I was talking with a colleague this morning.  She observed it had to be so challenging to learn life’s lessons and felt she was butting up against a lesson once again.  I agreed with her, musing that if life wasn’t challenging, we might not realize what we needed to learn.

On our way to a Well-Nourished life, I feel our bodies give us lots of messages, especially under trying circumstances, like a “road closed” experience of something not going as planned.  Our gut intelligence or GQ, can reveal our stress level, like an upset stomach or a headache.

What About You?

I want you to have a Well-Nourished life- a harmony of mind, heart and body- IQ, EQ, GQ.  This harmony can show you the desires God has for you in a chaotic world.  Won’t you let me be your travel guide?

If you haven’t already, sign up for my weekly blog commentary so you can be more in harmony.  Then join others who have gone before you to design your own well-nourished life map.

Contact me today for a free coaching session.  I have a few openings for September.  Let’s map out your road to the well-nourished life.

Nancy Booth loves to walk and talk with mid-life Christian women about their journey to their authentic, well-nourished lives.  She encourages them to create space in their lives to look for God’s fingerprints and give themselves permission to discover what they need to live fully present, healthy mind, body and heart.  She is a certified life coach and spiritual director as well as enneagram coach.  She would love to travel with you on your journey to an authentic, well-nourished life of peace and freedom. 

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