TRIBE Conference recently, led by Jeff Goins and friends, was designed to impact our lives through powerful words.  For me, it did that.  By gathering 200 attendees and 20 speakers, Jeff created a conference that allowed us as creatives space to experience what powerful words could look like. He gathered people around the tables with whom we could share dreams, ideas and hopes that could impact our lives through powerful words, which changed our thinking.

The structure of the conference with frequent breaks for discussions, questions on what we were learning and two hours for lunch kept us in a reflection mode.  Marsha Shandur, a storytelling coach, also gave us tips on how to approach one another and make it okay to not have our “ish” together, as she called it.

Powerful Words Can Change Your Thinking

The following powerful words from different speakers particularly resonated with me and may challenge you to change your thinking as it did me.

Take time to read each quote slowly.  How does it resonate with you?  How would your thinking and writing impact change if you took even one quote and put it into practice?

  • You cannot avoid rejection and do your greatest work.
  • How are you going to think about your work? P. T. Barnum says each of us has a “peculiar genius”
  • Declare to yourself and the world, I AM A WRITER!”
  • Make something you love for someone who will love it.
  • Creativity is your birthright.
  • Build a platform to change the world.
  • You Tube’s life span is 20 days compared to Twitter’s life span of 18 minutes.
  • Learning to write a book is like learning to ride a bike.  Learn from someone two steps ahead of you.
  • Be different, not just better.
  • #1 Tool is mindset. Be excited about showing up!  Be true to yourself!
  • Dream Big, Start Small, Keep Moving
  • Lead with acceptance – Yes, and…..
  • With God and Google, you are unstoppable.
  • Show up to the page every day!
  • Launch a movement!
  • What is your soul wanting to say?
  • Find your audience – know them like you know yourself.
  • Believe it can happen to you, too.
  • Share stories worth remarking about….
  • What would my work look like if I were okay just being me?
  • Who will I not be able to help if I give up now? You can’t give up!
  • What is my ultimate purpose?


Powerful Words Can Change Your Writing Impact

Which of the above powerful words resonated with you?  What about them struck you? How will you capture those words and let them move your thinking forward?  My favorite quote by Todd Henry is


“Make something you love for someone who will love it.”


By keeping the above quote in mind, I am spurred to further find the audience who will love what I write and know and serve that audience well.

How will the powerful words from the quotes above possibly change your writing impact?  What is one thing you could do differently in your writing?

Powerful words create powerful emotions that impact and changed lives.  The beauty of the TRIBE Conference is that there is something for everyone.  We can all be ourselves, at whatever level we are.  The TRIBE inspires us to do more, be more, have more for the audiences we are serving.

Thank you to all the speakers and wonderful connections made while at the conference.  It has truly changed me and will continue to impact my writing in the months and years to come.


Speakers at TRIBE Conference 2018 included Jeff Goins, Todd Henry, Marsha Shandur, Melissa Dinwiddie, Amy Landino, Chandler Bolt, Chase Jarvis, Charles Lee, Dave Delaney, Alli Worthington, Nicole Gulotta, Mike Kim, Tim Grahl, Joseph Michael, Chris Marlowe, Heather Teysko, Janet Murray, Paul Angone, Mike Brennan, Joe Bunting, Chad R. Allen, and Ken Davis.

Nancy Booth loves to support mid-life Christian women in their journey to their authentic, well-nourished life of health, meaning and connection.  She encourages you to create space in your life to look for God’s fingerprints and give yourself permission to discover what you need to live fully present in mind, body and heart.  She is a certified life coach, spiritual director and author and would love to support you on your journey to an authentic, well-nourished life..


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