What can being a Gramma look like? 

When growing up, my grandmother livied next door.  She loved having me come and spend hours with her.  I still have little sayings in my head like, ‘whatchamacallit”, “thingamajig,” “going rain cause the leaves are turned.” “got a good scald on it” and my favorite, “the snow is waiting around for more,” when there are just slivers of snow left in the spring. 

What memories of Gramma do you have?  Perhaps the song, “over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother’s house we go,” has special meaning to you or maybe no meaning. 

As grammas, I think we discover that relationships with our grandchildren hold amazing bonds we never knew possible.  This new found awareness brings laughter and joy, sorrow and sadness and a new sense of desire of intention to make a difference in the lives of the grandchildren we have been blessed to have in our lives.

My Journey of Grandmotherhood

In my own personal journey, I began to seek God as I realized the preciousness of these lives.  I have three girls and a boy that have been entrusted to me.  

I touch the future.  I am a grandmother…. 


However, I realize I can’t be the grandmother I want to be by myself.  I need Jesus leading the way.  Daily prayers provide wisdom. 

Then interactions with my husband on the joys and ways to support their growth.  With current conditions, we can’t see them all face to face, so we’ve designed zoom meetings and private facebook groups to stay in touch.  We seek any way we can to let them know how special they are to us. 

And we grieve.  We grieve that we can’t spend holidays together the way we would like.  We grieve the way things are during this COVID time. 

And I reach out to other grammas to join them in their journey, finding that others struggle, too.  We are not alone in our struggle to stay connected with these precious lives. 

My Promise to You

In starting the Gramma Collective, I want to 


    My Invitation to You

    I would find it a privilege accompany you on the journey to envision the reality God has placed on your heart.  You can find more of your true self,  turning  worry into hope, dis-ease into a healthy, purposeful, connected way to live.

    Contact me for a free, 30 minute coaching session now to discover how coaching can move you forward to your healthy, purposeful connected life after 50.  Don’t let aging scare you!

    I cannot wait to meet and join your journey !

    Meet my family – some of my favorite

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