How Do You Want to Be Well-Nourished After 50?

When facing a host of health issues, like depression and anxiety in my late 50’s, I had no idea what well-nourished might look like.  I had hit a wall.  Has that happened to you, yet?  In talking with women, I have found that to be a pretty common occurrence.  When we turn 50 or even 60, we realize time is of the essence.

I decided I didn’t want to lose any more time.  My 60th birthday was approaching!  I had to get myself healthy and focused on how I could make a difference in this world.  I didn’t want aging to take over my health, my mindset or my view of life.

My Journey of Vision

In my professional and personal journey, I began to seek God and put the parts of my life together. I created space in my life to uncover my needs in the spiritual, thinking, emotional, physical and social parts of me – what a well-nourished life over 50 can look like.

In doing so I have gained health, found my purpose and connected with God, myself and others.  It has been an amazing journey back to health, leaving depression and anxiety behind and feeling younger than ever.

My Promise to You

As your personal coach, I help you

  • assess and gain clarity in your journey– circumstances, worldview-beliefs and views of the world, values, passions, personality, strengths, spiritual gifts
  • discover your hopes, dreams, desires and longings as to where you want to go to gain the well-nourished life for the encore years
  • determine goals and action steps to move you forward, especially in wellness, purpose and connected relationships.

As a personal coach, I create safe and active spaces for you to:

  • act on your desires and longings to change the disconnects in your life
  • find hope in the midst of a chaotic life
  • clear out what interferes with a well-nourished healthy lifestyle

My Invitation to You

I would find it a privilege accompany you on the journey to envision the reality God has placed on your heart.  You can find more of your true self,  turning  worry into hope, dis-ease into a healthy, purposeful, connected way to live.

Contact me for a free, 30 minute coaching session now to discover how coaching can move you forward to your healthy, purposeful connected life after 50.  Don’t let aging scare you!

I cannot wait to meet and join your journey !

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